Member Benefits

Reduce total cost of ownership for all nonlabor spend

By understanding all cost points in a product and service’s life cycle, Nobilant is able to achieve favorable pricing for the product/service. In addition, we are able to negotiate valuable additional services from suppliers, such as education in-servicing for staff or more favorable delivery/pickup times.

Leverage both regional and national opportunities

Our relationship with suppliers in local markets allows Nobilant to contract for more regionalized services, such as landscaping, snow removal, water treatment and certain physician preference items. Nobilant is also able to coordinate among regional hubs to aggregate the volume across its total membership to contract with national suppliers, including commodity products, national-based services, pharmaceuticals and many others.

Optimize resources with centralized sourcing

Nobilant optimizes sourcing resources within a member’s organization by shifting the costs associated with the contracting process to a centralized group that reviews spend and utilization patterns. By sharing strategic sourcing and analytics services across all members, Nobilant reduces the cost and maximizes the efficiency of sourcing teams.

Participate in developing spend category strategy

Members are immersed in developing an integrated category strategy to maximize value beyond the contract price point. Whether in pharmacy, lab or construction, we work closely with members to support product or service conversion, process changes and communication forums for best practice sharing.

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