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Spend assessment saves members over $4 million

In the first year that Nobilant was established, we completed an extensive review of members’ spend with purchased service suppliers. Nobilant was able to execute and implement several key initiatives in the area, including print management, elevator maintenance and transcription, for a total savings of over $4 million for our members.

Utilization analysis leads to $450,000 annual savings for lab tests

The Nobilant Lab Committee was exploring opportunities to standardize the supplier utilized for clinical reference lab services. Nobilant’s review of members’ historic use of an external clinical reference lab helped a member realize that it was sending several tests out to a third party that could be analyzed in-house. The result was annual cost savings of $450,000 to the member and identification of a best practice that will benefit all Nobilant members.

Aggregation of home health medical equipment volume reduces costs by over $200,000

Nobilant recently held discussions with stakeholders from two members’ home care groups about ways to drive down costs within their respective markets. Nobilant was able to assess and aggregate the volume of both home care groups to create a single agreement for durable medical equipment that promotes patient safety and recovery in the home, while realizing over $200,000 in cost savings.

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