Supplier Benefits

Building value-creating relationships

We align our portfolio with strategic suppliers who are willing to build mutually beneficial relationships and create value for Nobilant members. We define value not only by cost, but also by inventive partnerships to increase service levels, efficiency and a commitment to exploring of new ways of improving patient care. For strategic suppliers, Nobilant will serve as a conduit for the introduction of new products and services to its members.

Streamlining member communications

Suppliers can share new and important information to Nobilant’s members through Nobilant’s sourcing and account management teams. Account managers provide weekly updates on executed and in-process initiatives to all regional members, and can also facilitate supplier presentations.

Ensuring commitment and compliance of members

All Nobilant members have agreed to align a majority of their nonlabor spend to our portfolio to promote a highly compliant GPO. This model ensures that all members are strategically aligned and allows members to derive the most value from suppliers. To ensure that compliance is met and maintained, Nobilant employs analytics solutions that monitor members’ spend under each agreement. If a member is found to be noncompliant, we work with the member and the supplier to remedy the issues so that the agreed upon commitment levels are met.

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