Our Difference

As a new leader in health care supply chain management, Nobilant’s intention is to reinvent the services provided by GPOs and purchasing departments to maximize value for its members. Here are some of the key ways we set ourselves apart from these organizations:

Comprehensive nonlabor spend

Nonlabor spend typically accounts for up to 45 percent of a health care provider’s expenses. Nobilant addresses the entire spectrum of nonlabor spend, including categories that GPOs do not typically or adequately focus on, such as capital, physician preference items, and services. As Nobilant contracts both nationally and within the regions that its members reside, we are able to secure contracts with regional suppliers — many of whom are in the service field — that produce substantial value to our members.

Total cost of ownership

Nobilant looks beyond the purchase price to focus on all cost points and other intrinsic value points for each product and service sourced. This approach allows our members to understand the true cost — capital, consumables, and services — in evaluating sourcing decisions:

Active clinician collaboration

Nobilant gives clinicians a key voice in the sourcing process. Through committees focused on each spending area, we create forums to share learnings, define requirements and develop agreed-upon sourcing strategies. In this way, we ensure that products and services ordered are of the highest value, and lead to the best outcomes for patients.

World-class healthcare expertise

Nobilant is a collaboration between two world-class health systems: the Johns Hopkins Health System and Allegheny Health Network. This relationship allows Nobilant to leverage the know-how of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, which focuses on improving clinical outcomes and experiences and reducing waste in health care delivery for healthcare providers around the world.

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